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ChaseR – Curse Death Link EP

ChaseR —  2020 / 5 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPNK011

ChaseR returns to Neuropunk with his first full-length EP on the label: the CURSE DEATH LINK EP!

Let’s set the scene a bit. Our protagonist is a guitarist who just landed his first big gig. Just as he is on his way to live it up in his favorite pub, The Iron Fiddle, a street performer in a nearby alley catches his attention. Her voice, her dance, something about her just drags him towards her. His heart beats faster and faster. His inner danger radar tries to warn him, but to no avail. In a flash her facade falls, the beautiful voice turned into an ear-piercing shriek. The DANCE OF SIREN has trapped him.

She drags him to a dark room. Candles everywhere, strange occult symbols on the floor, piles of books all around. She starts speaking in tongues that only she understands. Suddenly, she grabs his arm. Pure agony shoots through every part of him, while she undergoes a rapid transformation. The grimace turns into a smile, the arched back and crooked teeth straighten, all of her bodily pains are transferred to him. This, is the CURSE DEATH LINK. He blacks out.

Our protagonist wakes up and stumbles his way out. As always, he greets the people on the street. Instead of greeting back, they seem to be actively avoiding him though! Confused, he continues his path home, when he catches a glance of a ghastly face in a nearby window. He slowly goes back to take a closer look at this spectre, only to find that it was a reflection. Of his own SUBHUMAN face. Shocked, he leaps back and rushes home to hide his shame, the Siren’s song echoing in his head.

Our protagonist isolates himself, turning away friends and family. His mind races: How would he be able to play at his breakthrough gig? His one chance at success? “What if… I hide my face with a hood?”, he thinks to himself. “I could barely see the guitar, but what other choice do I even have?” Desperately, he decides to learn how to play blindfolded. Countless days filled with tears, sweat and blood later, he has done the impossible. BRAILLEFUNK, as he calls it, is a reality.

Showtime. He has prepared the least see-through black hood he could find and is ready to rock. Even though the crowd is sceptical at first, that quickly goes away as soon as the first note is played. A minute later they are loving it. They are even cheering for an ENCORE afterwards! During the crowd’s endless chanting and stomping, he reflects on the last few weeks for a moment. While he has found a way to live with the isolation, life as he knows it is over. But for this brief moment, he forgets all about it. For a moment, there’s just music.

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