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Despersion – Warhead EP

Despersion —  2020 / 4 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPFRG003

The fires of the NEUROPUNK FORGE alight once more with the arrival of the WARHEAD EP, the latest release from rising Russian duo DESPERSION on NEUROPUNK RECORDS. Established in 2017, the duo have seen previous releases on a variety of labels including Ignescent, 0101 and Kill Tomorrow, within which they have displayed their development of a style that blends complex melodic motifs with aggressive percussive and bassline sequences for a synthesis formed of these two often disparate sounds. Now making their NEUROPUNK RECORDS debut, DESPERSION deliver four tracks in this signature style to create the latest set of auditory weapons straight from the NEUROPUNK FORGE.

Opened by the minor chords and arpeggios of the title track of the same name, the WARHEAD EP quickly erupts with low end weight leavened by the interspersion of melodic reprisals of its opening theme. The deceptively named PEACE which follows provides a slice of scathing neurofunk marked by the tonalities of the distorted hornlike synth that blasts above its rapidly moving bassline. OFFENSIVE next delivers an explosive barrage of transient percussive impacts that fall with perfectly planned precision amongst the tracks chaotic upper atmosphere. Closing the EP is I NEED YOU NOW, which departs from the hard charging energy of its predecessors to deliver a flowing vocal cut emblematic of DESPERSION’s melodic abilities.

With the WARHEAD EP, DESPERSION deliver a dynamic debut on NEUROPUNK RECORDS, showing a deft ability to craft beautiful melodic sequences and works of utmost sonic aggression in equal measure, marking themselves as a duo to watch as they emerge from the NEUROPUNK FORGE.

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