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Dextems – Head Crusher EP

Dextems —  2020 / 4 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPFRG005

DEXTEMS are the latest artists to emerge from the fires of the NEUROPUNK forge, making their debut on NEUROPUNK RECORDING’s series that focuses on novel artists honing their sounds within the heat of the label’s crucible. Bringing with them an EP entitled HEAD CRUSHER, DEXTEMS make no pretense to the aggressive fervor of their sonic style as they emerge still smouldering from the NEUROPUNK forge, imbuing the four tracks within with the energy of roaring flame.

Opened by its title track, the HEAD CRUSHER EP wastes no time in working towards its stated goal with an onslaught of devilishly distorted basslines meeting the listener in auditory combat within the EP’s first minute. Though monstrous in their initial impact, these basslines are carried upon a distinctly funk fueled percussive rhythm for the making of a diabolic and enrapturing mixture. RATCHET follows in a similar stylistic form, making use of distinctly rubberoid bases to great effect as it sets them rebounding amidst the selfsame funky atmosphere. SYNTHET then opts for a different approach to its two predecessors, setting its rapid percussive pulses amidst a gauntlet of sharply synthesized basses and leads that weave throughout the track as the drumbeat dodges between them. The EP is closed with the scientific sonics of FLYING MACHINES, which carries the listener effortlessly to great heights before dropping them atop a rolling breakbeat and electrified basslines that carry them through to the EP’s final notes.

With HEAD CRUSHER, veteran duo DEXTEMS braves the fires of the NEUROPUNK FORGE to craft new sonic weapons built upon their many years of production experience. Deliberate in its title, HEAD CRUSHER is not merely a name, but rather a promise that DEXTEMS makes sure to fulfill on the four tracks within.

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