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Mizo – Rockfall EP

Mizo —  2020 / 5 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPNK008

MIZO returns to NEUROPUNK RECORDINGS with the ROCKFALL EP, which bears forth five of the producer’s sinister sonics unto eagerly awaiting ears. Following the producer’s recent efforts including his Icy Wyrm EP on Eatbrain and his previous single Hellhound//Mechanical paw on NEUROPUNK, ROCKFALL sees MIZO deliver another set of sonics in the style for which he has become notorious, blending unrestrained aggression and uniquely tinged synth tonalities across the EP’s five tracks.

ESHELON opens the EP from on high, driving its way towards a sonic precipice on the back of a syncopated rhythm that rebounds and resounds within a set of deviously dissonant synth stabs. From this precipice then launches the frenetic percussion of ROCKFALL, within which tumbles an electric arpeggio that only amplifies the track’s already blinding rhythmic speed. BAD DREAMS next lashes out with the nightmarish timbre of its slithering basslines, which wind their way through the track’s mysterious atmosphere and pause only briefly as they prepare to strike a second time. PATHOGEN follows this display by warping its own basses into monstrously mutated forms, and is followed by ROLL DEEP featuring MC KRYPTOMEDIC, who’s minimalistic lyrical rhythms provide a funk fueled closing for the EP’s final track.

With the ROCKFALL EP MIZO places his production talents on clear display as he imbues the five tracks within with an inimitable energy that finds a fitting home on NEUROPUNK RECORDINGS.

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