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Neuropunk remixed vo.1

2020 / 3 Tracks / NRPNK007

NEUROPUNK RECORDS takes a retrospective for their latest release, reimagining a selection of tracks from their past releases for the first entry in their NEUROPUNK REMIXED series. Featuring original tracks drawn from the catalogues of NEUROPUNK RECORDS heavyweights including Mizo, Gydra, & Teddy Killerz, and reimagined by Joe Ford, Levela, & Crissy Criss, NEUROPUNK REMIXED V1 delivers a trio of tracks that span a wide portion of the Drum & Bass world for the label’s first such collaborative effort.

JOE FORD steps up first to add his spin to MIZO’s sinister MECHANICAL PAW, wherein he wastes no time in unleashing an unending torrent of lashing low end frequencies that send the already furious track into an expertly overdriven frenzy. Next comes LEVELA’s remix of GYDRA & TEDDY KILLERZ’ track MILES HIGH from the label’s standout first release. Playing up the tracks funk fueled flow, the stripped back swagger of LEVELA’s signature style shines through to create a deviously dirty down low groove driven by the original’s unmistakeable vocal sample. CRISSY CRISS then takes on TEDDY KILLERZ’ MUTATION for the EP’s final remix, holding nothing back as he experiments on the track’s already massive basses to create devastating reeses and electrified stabs alike as he synthesizes a new form further befitting of its name.

With NEUROPUNK REMIXED V1, NEUROPUNK RECORDS showcase the full breadth of their label’s scope as they invite three pioneering artists to reinterpret a selection of the label’s most notable tracks. From rolling bassline grooves to high tech neurofunk frequencies, NEUROPUNK REMIXED V1 sets the stage for further releases in the series as the NEUROPUNK RECORDS catalogue continues to grow.

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