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Nuvertal – Arrival EP

Nuvertal —  2021 / 4 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPFRG006

We’ve always had a feeling we were not quite as alone in this world as it might seem at first. We didn’t expect our suspicions to be confirmed so soon though. No more hypothetical scenarios, no more What Ifs, this was it. The moment of ARRIVAL had come. 7 billion people watched in awe as this gigantic ship, if you can even call it that, descended unto our humble blue marble. This was not the time for petty squabbles amongst ourselves, this was a historic moment for all of humanity. Would we be able to communicate with them? How do they look like? Were they even coming in peace?

For a moment, everything was so silent you could have heard a pin drop. Do we approach them? Should we wait for them to come out of their ship? Should we – before we could even finish that thought, a pulse of pure energy BASHes into the crowds surrounding the vessel, obliterating them all. Hordes of unspeakably strange creatures rushed out from the spacecraft and fell over the remaining smaller groups near the landing point.
For us, this was the absolute worst case scenario. Military organisations from all over the world banded together in an attempt to stop the invasion, but, alas, it was no use. We could hold the creatures off for a bit, but none of the guns, bombs or other weapons we had developed worked even the tiniest bit against their ships. No matter what we tried, we were simply GOING NOWHERE.

Even though the initial attack didn’t wipe us out completely, we had an even bigger problem, as we soon realised. The numerous landing sites were covered in some kind of shimmery dome. Everyone and everything that spent time inside this area began to change from within. Plants took on human form, animals merged together, trees became crystalline. The very basis_ of our existence, our DNA, was being rewritten by this shimmer. Soon it became clear to us: The domes were expanding. We cannot simply sit this one out, ANNIHILATION of life as we knew it is imminent.

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