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Teddy Killerz – Panic Attack EP

Teddy Killerz —  2020 / 4 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPNK009

TEDDY KILLERZ return to NEUROPUNK RECORDS for the label’s ninth EP, aptly named “PANIC ATTACK”. Cofounders of the NEUROPUNK label alongside GYDRA, the TEDDY KILLERZ need little introduction other than the sound of their distinctly horror tinged productions, which has found its home on many of Drum & Bass’ largest labels including RAM, Eatbrain, Blackout, and more. Perhaps more than any other however, NEUROPUNK RECORDS provides a natural habitat for this terrifying ursine trio, a theory supported by PANIC ATTACK’s four ferocious tracks.

Beginning with the anxious chords of its title track, PANIC ATTACK bellows a discordant bassline roar set to signal the start of its sonic hunt supported by precise percussion and spiraling synth patterns.The initial jest of CAN’T STOP ME follows with a percussive pattern that merges funk focused levity with the power of the former’s roar, resulting in a track that moves with unexpected ease despite the weight of its mighty low end. AUGMENTATION’s electric saw synths are unmistakably imbued with the TEDDY KILLERZ prowess for the titular augmentation of their sonics, and lead into the EP’s most technically minded sonic torrent featuring a multitude of warped sounds. Closing the EP is the cinematically toned SHINE, which features a set of bright pads and mysterious vocals overlaid in harmonious interplay prior to their destruction at the hands of a uniquely distorted lead that flows atop a smoothly drifting bassline.

Displaying the full breadth of their sound for NEUROPUNK RECORDS, TEDDY KILLERZ’ PANIC ATTACK performs to the pinnacle of the trio’s talents, from the hyperenergetic neurofunk of PANIC ATTACK to the tech focused AUGMENTATION and the more emotive SHINE. Across all four tracks the TEDDY KILLERZ devotion to malign sonics holds true, promoting them further as the undisputed masters of their sinister sound.

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