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Various Artists – Neuropunks LP

2023 / 8 Tracks / Neuropunk Records / NRPNK047

Drum&Bass in most of its subgenres is a difficult music to listen to.
First and foremost, it is fast. The average person’s brain doesn’t have time to count the number of actions with a wave per second.
Secondly, it has a mind-blowing rhythm.
Thirdly, it uses fucked up and unexpected textures that are strange to humans.
Fourthly, the authors of this music are often ahead of their time in search of complex synthesis, retarded features and unconventional solutions in order to compete with their colleagues on the scene with the size of their mental penises. Most people are not able to read these waves and therefore cannot get high and energized by it and are not ready to pay for it.
That’s why the most technocratic Drum&Bass styles will always remain in the underground, and only the sickest punks will always do them.

In this album you will hear the joint work of nineteen Neuropunks (projects and solo geeks). Many of them have been at this enthusiasm for about a decade and a half or two decades.
The partners in the collaborations are chosen by randomizer.
Check again how high your brain’s processor frequency is and how many operations per second it can perform by deciphering the kung fu of these vibes.

Enjoy (or not so enjoyable) listening.

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